Nanno Design - Web Designing Company

We Are Provide Website Designing Service In Very Cheap Rates All Over India For Our Clients..

Nanno Design - Web Designing Company

We Are Provide Website Designing Service In Very Cheap Rates All Over India For Our Clients..

Nanno Design - Web Designing Company

We Are Provide Website Designing Service In Very Cheap Rates All Over India For Our Clients..

Nanno Design - Web Designing Company

We Are Provide Website Designing Service In Very Cheap Rates All Over India For Our Clients..

Nanno Design - Web Designing Company

We Are Provide Website Designing Service In Very Cheap Rates All Over India For Our Clients..

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Off Page Optimization Techniques

off page optimization techniques
As We All Know Search Engine Optimization Term Is Booming Day By Day. Everyone Wants To GeT High Rankings In Search Engines. But It Is Not Easy To Get High Ranking In Famous Search Engines, Like Google, Yahoo, Bing. As a SEO Professional I Have Write On Page Optimization Tips In My Previous Posts. But Today I Write On Off Page Optimization Techniques. You Can Follow These Techniques And Increase Your Visitors And Popularity Of Your Website/Blog.

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1. Article Submission
Article Submission Is a Very Important Factor Comes Under Off Page Optimization. Firstly You Can Create a Unique Article For Your Website. And Then You Have Need To Submit Those Article In High PR Article Submission Websites. But Remember You Can Create Unique Article And Submit In Only One Article Website. You Cannot Submit One Article In Many Article Websites. It Can Ruin Your SEO.

2. Directory Submission
After Google Penguin May 2013 Update Many SEO Expert Says Directory Submission Is Dead. But According To My Experience Directory Submission Also Plays An Important Role In Seo (After google Penguin 2013 update). But Remember Not Submit Zero PR And Low PR Directories. Always Submit High PR Directories. And One Thing Is More Always Submit Do Follow Directories. You Can Easily Find Do Follow Directory List On Google Search.

3. Social Bookmarking Submission
Social Bookmarking Is Also a Important Term In SEO. You Can Submit Your Website/Blog In High PR Social Bookmarking Websites. And Always Submit Your Website In Dofollow Social Bookmarking Websites. Because Nofollow Backlinks Have Not Value In SEO. Submit Your Website Only One Time In a Social Bookmarking Website.

4. Search Engine Submission
Submit Your Website/Blog To All Popular Search Engines Like Google, Yahoo, Alexa, Bing, MSN etc. Search Engine Submission Increase Your Crawling Speed And Also Boost You Rankings As Well As Visitors.

5. Press Release Submission
Submit Your New Products In Press Release Website. Press Release Website Are Very Precious For Your Website. Always Submit Your News In High PR Press Release Websites.

6. Classified Submission
Submit Your Website In High PR Classified Websites. You Can Find Many Free Classified Website On Google Search. Classified Websites Also Give You A Huge Traffic.

7. Forum Posting
Join The Famous Forms And Gives The Answers Of Peoples. When You Are Got Popularity In Any Form Then Put Your Website/Blog Link In Your Answers.

8. Community Creation In Social Networking Websites
Create a Community In Best Social Network Sites Like Facebook, Google Plus, Linkedin. And Drive a Huge Traffic To Your Blog. Because There Are Billions On People On Social Networking Websites.

There Are Many More Off Page Optimization Techniques But Not So Important Like Document Shearing, Business Reviews Etc. These 8 Techniques Are Very Important In Off Page Optimization. Follow These Techniques And You Will Be Definitely Increase Your Rankings In Search Engines.

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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

How To Remove Low Quality Pages From Google Search

Hello Friends,
As You Know Google Panda Is Algorithm For Maintain High Quality Results In Google Search. But If This Algorithm Found Some Low Quality Pages In Your Blog Then Your Rankings Goes Down In Google Search. So You Have Need To Remove Low Quality Results From Google Search.

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How To Find Low Quality Pages In Your Blog

To Find Low Quality Or Useless Pages In Your Blog And Indexed By Google. Go To Google Search And Type The Query. site:yourblog.com
Google Shows The All Pages Of Your Blog Index By The Google.
You Have Seen Many Low Quality Search Results/Pages Like The Image Below.

These Are The All Pages Are Known as Low Quality Page Or Useless Pages. If Google Panda Detects These Type Of Pages From Many Times. Then There Are High Chances To Hit Your Blog By Google Panda. So Remove These Pages From Google Search Results Immediately.

How To Remove These Low Quality Pages

I Have Tell You A Manually And Very Easy Method For Removing These Low Quality Pages With The Help Of Google Webmaster. (Remember You Have Firstly Add Your Blog In Google Webmaster. Then You Remove Your Pages)
For Remove The Pages Follow My Steps Below:
1. Login In Your Webmaster.
2. Then Select Your Blog From The List. (If You Have More Than One Website/Blog In Your Webmaster Account)
3. Click On Remove Url Under Google Index Tab.

4. Click On Create a New Removal Request Button.
5. Enter The Full Url You Want To Remove From Google Search.
6. Click On Continue Button.
7. Again Click On Submit Button.

Your Link Removal Request Has Been Shortlist. And Your Link Will Be Removed From Google Search.

If You Want To Remove 5 Urls From Google Search Then Enter Your Url One By One. And Click On Submit Button.
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Automatically Publish Blogger Posts To Social Networks

As You Know Social Networking Websites Are Backbone Of Your Blog Traffic. Your Can Easily Get High Traffic Using Social Network Websites Like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. Think When You Are Publish a New Post On Your Blog And It Will Be Also Automatically Publish On All Famous Social Networks Then You Have Get Huge Traffic To Your Blog. So Today I Tell You a Procedure For Automatically Publish Your Blogger Post On Social Networks.

1. Go To www.dlvr.it
2. Now Sign Up On The Website.

3. Confirm Your Email With Going In Your Email Inbox.
4. You Will Be Redirect a New Page Please Enter Your Feed Burner Username.
5. Click On The Facebook Icon And You Will Be Redirect To Facebook Login Page.
6. Enter Your Facebook Username And Password. Now Click On Authorize App.

Now Your Blog Post Will Be Automatic Publish On Your Facebook Account.
You Can Use This Same Procedure For Your Twitter Account.
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Sunday, 1 September 2013

High PR Forum Posting Sites List

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

New Social Bookmarking Website List

Here Are New Social Bookmarking Website List 2013. I Hope These Websites Are Very Helpful For You.


Monday, 26 August 2013

How To Add Facebook Comment Box To Blogger

how to add facebook comment box to blogger

Hello Friends,
If Any Visitor Of Your Blog Have Not Any Blogger Account. Then He Cannot Comment On Your Blog Is You Are Want Comments Through Only Bloggers. So Today I Tell You How To Add Facebook Comment Box To Blogger. With The Help Of This Comment Box Your Visitor Will Be Able  To Comment On Your Blog Through Facebook Account. So Let Be Ready To Add This Facebook Comment Box On Your Blogger Blog.

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1. Go To Your Blogger Dashboard.
2. Click On Layout.
3. Now Click On Add a Gadget.
4. A Popup Box Will Appear. Select "HTML/Javascript".
5. Now Copy The Below Code And Paste In To The Box.

  var js, id = 'facebook-jssdk'; if (d.getElementById(id)) {return;}
  js = d.createElement('script'); js.id = id; js.async = true;
  js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_US/all.js#xfbml=1";
<div class="fb-comments" data-href="http://nannodesign.blogspot.com/" data-num-posts="10" data-width="500"></div>

 6. Place The Gadget Below "Blog Post" Section.
Now You Are Done. You Are Successfully Add facebook Comment Box To Blogger.

Please Change The Blog Address From http://nannodesign.blogspot.com To Your Blog Address.
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